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little things (short excerpts from my poetry book)


April 2023

Project type


behind the scenes

"sweetthings" is an unpublished poetry book that i wrote with a dear friend of mine. the theme was all about love, both romantic and platonic, unrequited and forbidden. we have been discussing the possibility of a sequel and are looking into potential publishers, so stay tuned!

you are here!
although you can’t currently see me
and google maps coupled with my terrible eyesight
rudely reminds me that i definitely can’t see you,
but still —
you are here!
you with your fun hair, impeccable music taste, and cooking oil stains —
you are here!
you are by far
the silliest, most dramatic, and least serious person that i’ve ever met,
but you are serious
about the way you love.
and that let’s me know
that you are always here with me,
and i’m so glad that you are.

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